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This book features Halima Cassells as the author and editor with contributions from several artists and Zakee Kuduro as Creative Director.

Jonni Paige (left) is a multidisciplinary artist who currently works in fashion and apparel design. As a freelance illustrator and designer, her works display a strong African aesthetic, as well as a dedication to clean lines and ultimate functionality. Jonni has worked with the Free Market of Detroit as the fashion alteration station operator for 5 years; upcycling materials, tailoring pieces and teaching basic sewing skills to all who take an interest.


Cleo Anderson (center) is a Detroit-based multifaceted artist who expresses through song, painting, fashion, installation and crafting jewelry, accessories, and apparel by reusing unexpected materials and found objects. She has performed at Cliff Bells, the historic Bakers Lounge, and the Detroit Institute of Arts. Cleo continually collaborates with many artists and is the CoDirector of the Free Market of Detroit.


Halima Cassells (right) is an interdisciplinary community-engaged artist, mom of three, avid gardener, and appreciator of beauty who lives in a perpetual gratitude. With deep roots in Detroit, much of her work is interactive installation, immersive visual art, and community building. Halima has been actively involved in Detroit art circles as co-founder of the One M.I.L.E. project, exhibited widely, and has presented at the N’Namdi Center for Contemporary Art, MOCAD, and the Detroit Institute of Arts. She is the founder and co-director of the Free Market of Detroit.

As an advocate for all artists and cultural practitioners she has spearheaded and remained involved in many community processes that uplift cultural capital from often-marginalzed communities; one example is this Cultural Community Benefits Toolkit, that was developed in conjunction with ArtChangeUs and Creative Many. More at halimacassells.com

In addition to the work of the FMoD Squad, FTFM features the artwork and photography of the following artists:

Mark L. Brown

Piper Carter

Nia-Rah Cassells Anderson-Small

Kate Levy

Franchesca Lamarre

Desmond Love

Shanna Merola

Kevin Porter

Ifoma Stubbs

Zakee Kuduro


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