fashion [fash-uhn]

What do you fashion with your hands?

How are you fashioning your life?


Here's what we are up to at the Free Market of Detroit [FMoD]...

Living into a world that is full of beauty, and everyone having their needs met in the community.  We are fashioning swap spaces (interactive installations) where goods are exchanged with stories and ideas and laughter, which add value to those objects or pieces of apparel.  In these liberated spaces, everyone is entered into the circle of giving. And people are encouraged to dismantle, reconstruct, tailor, and upcycle items to fit their needs and liking.  Our being together weaves the fabric of the community that often leads to more... 


The book Fashioning the Free Market [FTFM] chronicles 7 years of these experiences, and some amazing handcrafted fashion. We started in Detroit, traveled to the Motherland, and other parts of the Diaspora.  Soon we will have experienced all 7 continents... we invite you to join us.

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